Edward King Excel



In order to budget and plan properly, you need the right tools. On this page, my wife and I want to give you recommendations on items WE USE to help with our budgeting and planning process. We hope these items can help you as well!



Every Dollar

We use Every Dollar to help us stay on budget and keep track of our expenses. The best thing about Every Dollar is that we both have instant access to see where our money is being spent. It’s nice to use our in depth excel spreadsheet, but combined with the Every Dollar app that’s always with you, you’ll always know how much you have to spend.



Abrie James Planner

8.5” x 11” Weekly/Monthly Planner

“Not trying to be dramatic, but this planner is probably the best one I've ever had. It's full-sized, with a monthly calendar and a weekly calendar. It has tabs, a POCKET, and several places to add notes off to the sides. And last, but not least, it has cute quotes throughout the whole planner!”

- Charity King