Tornado House Studios

Tornado House Studios got its name after owner, T.K. King, and his family's home was hit by a tornado, April 27, 2011. During the reconstruction of the home, T.K. extended his walk-in closet, creating an ISO room, and turned his bedroom into the control/live room. 

As time passed, the studio grew and saw more artists use the space. In October 2013, T.K. and Corey Brooks opened Merit Music Group and Verb Records. The label found their home studio at THS, where EPs and singles from Langley, Caleb Ramirez, Spoken For, The Giant and The Tailor, The Sescos, and My Only Safe Haven were produced. 

Spring of 2015 brought some changes for T.K. and the studio, as he married Charity and moved to West Virginia to take a Creative Media position at New Heights Church. Almost a year later, things at the studio have began to start back up, continuing with projects within MMG and Verb Records and outside of the label. T.K. said, "It has taken quite a while to transport all of the studio gear, acoustic treatment, instruments, etc. to WV. Even though Charity and I currently live in an apartment, we are currently doing everything we can to bring that studio vibe back." Turning their second bedroom into a control room and a hall closet into an ISO room is only the beginning of THS in WV. "Whether we are in an apartment, house, or traveling, I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep the studio running and producing great music.”

Want Free Content Such As SESSION FILES Recorded At THS That You Can Mix And PROTOOLS TEMPLATES For Tracking And Mixing? 

Yamaha 72 key midi keyboard
Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2013
Fender Tele 72' Remake USA
Squier 5 String Bass
Takamine Acoustic/Electric Guitar
DW Performance Series 5 Piece
K Custom Hats
A Custom Ride

Guitar Pedals:
JHS Sweet Tea
Eventide Time Factor
Strymon Blue Sky
VOX Satchurator
VOX Ice 9 Overdrive
TC Electronics Chorus

M-Audio BX8a


Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro X

Saffire Pro 40
Saffire OctoPre

Mic Pres:
API 512 C
Avedis MA5

AKG 414
SE 4400 (2)
Shure SM7
Shure SM57 (2)
Shure SM58
Audix D2, D4, D6
Audio Technica Shotgun Mic

Vox AC30
Morgan AC20
Marshall 100FX