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About Spoken For

Spoken For is a Contemporary Christian Duo made up of front men Corey Brooks and T.K. King. Both Corey and T.K. have been pursuing music professionally for over 20 years combined. Currently living in West Virginia, they both work full time at their churches, with Corey holding the Youth Pastor position at Breckenridge Missionary Baptist Church in Bolt, WV, and T.K. being the Creative Media Director at New Heights Church in Huntington, WV. Spoken For has seen national success with their first full length album, ‘Hope is Rising’, and their latest single, “Freedom to Move.”

1. Serata di Apertura

2. I’m Alive

3. Breaking Point

4. When You Call

5. Hope is Rising

6.Save This Heart

7. In Jesus’ Name

8. Proverbs Seven (feat. Kaitlin Andrews)

9. For a Season

10. Rest

11. Run

12. intervallo

13. Free Indeed

14. Dust (Wake Up)

15. Shine


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