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F3 Overdrive - $149

If you're looking for one of the smoothest, most versatile and transparent drives to add to your pedal collection, look no further. The F3 Overdrive combines a bitey growl with a luscious, snappy midrange. Whether you are looking for a little more grit to your already perfected tone, or you want to shape your tone with the color and boldness of the F3, this pedal deserves a space on your board.

Add it in succession with a drive you already own and get ready to thicken up your low end and send your highs into heaven. Don't have another drive? This pedal is a perfect start to the drive pedal world. It will give you a sweet taste of what true analog drive should sound like with plenty of room to find your own sound. 

3 Knobs. Endless Sound.

This pedal may only sport 3 knobs, Drive, Tone, and Volume, but the different drive tones you can achieve with this pedal are almost too hard to believe. Leaving everything at 12 o'clock gives you exactly what you would expect coming out of a classic drive pedal. Cranking down the gain and turning up the volume allows you to take your favorite guitar/amp tones and really bring them to life. You shouldn't have to settle for a weaker or compressed tone to achieve a good drive sound. So, don't. The transparency of this pedal speaks for itself and creates that upfront, snappiness you've been looking for. 


While this pedal is classified as a "drive", it's capabilities to breakup the sound give it some talking room in the fuzz market. Many drive pedals crap out when you crank them and muddy up your guitar sound. The F3, however, achieves the tough task of clarity and note separation while giving you some outstanding clipping. The knobs are made to be turned all the way up, so don't be afraid to do it. 

Clip & Mode.

The Clip Switch on the F3 switches between two styles of clipping: Mosfet and Standard. The Mosfet gives you a more apparent, gritty clipping while the Standard allows for a more transparent clip. 

The F3 is fashioned with three different modes: Comp-Cut, Flat-Mids, and Vintage. The Comp-Cut gives you that slappy sound the really cuts through and adds a nice crispness to your tone. The Flat-Mids setting keeps the drive more transparent so your tone can be king. The Vintage setting boosts a little in the low-mids that illuminate the growl of the drive. 

Hand-Made. Hand-Painted.

All of our pedals are hand-made and hand-painted. Being hand-made allows us to insure all solder joints and connections are up to par and work flawlessly. We also personally test each pedal to ensure it's quality. The F3 showcases the THS yellow tornado logo as well as functions of the knobs and switches. The image you see to the left is one of the F3 Overdrives we have made, and the hand-painted pedal you receive may look a "touch" different. 

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Arrival Time For This Pedal Is 2-4 Weeks.

F3 Overdrive
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