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"One of the greatest joys for us at MMG is working with new artists and helping them craft their talents into a more polished product and help guide them in a direction that is fitting for their style of music and commitment level." - Owner, T.K. King

What is an Artist Development Deal? 

An Artist Development Deal with MMG is an opportunity for the artist and label to spend a year working together to accomplish several tasks: 

  • Record and release an original single. 
  • Build a bigger and broader fan base for the artist. 
  • Help the artist dig deeper into who they are as an artist and what they want to accomplish with their music. 
  • Prepare the artist for a career in the music industry. 
  • Target several specific areas in which MMG or the artist see that needs growth, such as songwriting, starting and maintaining a band, social media, stage presence, and marketing.
  •  Grow the artist in hopes to prepare them for a record deal within MMG or outside of MMG, or give them the tools necessary to function as an independent artist. 

If you think the Artist Development Program is something that you would be interested in or benefit from, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you. 

MMG only chooses a select few artists each year for the Artist Development Program as to insure each artist is developed properly and allotted enough time with the MMG staff and associates. 

Artist Development Artist James Horan - See other AD Artists   HERE

Artist Development Artist James Horan - See other AD Artists HERE

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