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Mix Experience:

Current Mix Credits: 0


What to Say: We don’t expect you to write a book, but a critique must offer at least 2 helpful suggestions. If your critique does not offer at least 2 helpful suggestions, it will not be counted towards your Mix Credits, and MMC reserves the right to not count a critique if we believe it does not qualify. You will mostly be critiquing mixes from mixers who are less experienced than you (New Mixers will be critiquing mixes by New Mixers).

How to Critique: PLEASE READ! To leave a critique on a mix, click the word “Comment” below the mix you would like to critique. Once you have written a critique, you will click the “Post Comment” button. Then, it will direct you to give your Name, Email, and URL and Post as a Guest. You only need your Name and you must Post as a Guest. Make sure you enter your name as it appears on your MMC account, and click “Post as Guest”. You must enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on your account or you will not receive your Mix Credits for that critique.

BETA: Since we are still in Beta testing with this service, listening rooms may not be categorized by Mix Experience until we have enough audio files to organize them correctly.


Once you have earned at least 3 Mix Credits (1 if you have a Pro Account), you may submit a mix to be critiqued. You may submit up to 5 mixes per month (10 if you have a Pro Account) as long as you have enough Mix Credits, but please note that mixes are published in the order they are received with Pro Account users having first priority. And, we only publish a certain number of mixes at a time for people to listen to and critique. Once you have submitted a mix, it may take at least 48 hours for your Mix Credits to be deducted here in your User Account. Your mix will mostly be critiqued by mixers with more experience than you, except for mixes by Experienced Mixers which will be critiqued by other Experienced Mixers. Once your mix has received at least 3 critiques (5 if you have a Pro Account), it will be unpublished and another mix will be added. You will then be able to access your unpublished mix critiques here in your User Account. If you have submitted a mix and have not seen it published within a week, you may contact us to see if there was an issue processing your mix or if there are still mixes in line to be published before yours. We will do our best to contact you if we run into any issues with your mix. Please follow these requirements when submitting a mix:


1. File must be .mp3 format. If it is any other format, we WILL NOT publish it.

2. Fill must be labeled properly:

Song Name.Your First and Last Name.mp3

2. Song CANNOT be longer 10 minutes.

3. You must have full permission and rights to submit the Song before submitting it.

4. You agree to our Terms of Service.



My Critiqued Mixes

This section is where any mixes you have published will be listed as well as their critiques. This section is updated every 48 hours, so once your mix is published, be sure to check back in to see if you have received any critiques.