Tegeler Créme Audition


Want to have your audio ran through an AMAZING Mastering EQ and Bus Compressor?

Looking to purchase the Tegeler Créme, but want to test out a few audio files first? 

Test your audio through Tegeler's Créme and see how incredible it truly is. From the the warm low end and brilliant top, to the versatile VCA compressor, the Créme will help take your production and tracks to the next level. For only $5, Tornado House Studio's will process your audio through their Tegeler Créme.

To test your audio through Tornado House Studio's Créme, please follow these steps.

If you wish to submit more than one audio file or have your audio file processed with different settings, you must submit separate forms and payments and will receive separate emails with links to upload your audio. 

Step 1:

Submit the form below.

Step 2:

Submit payment. 

Step 3:

Upload your audio.* 

*This will be done through an EMAIL link you will receive after you submit the form and payment. Once we have processed your audio, you will receive an email with link to download it.
Name *
This must be included in the name of the audio file you submit. Example: Song Name_Your Name.wav
Tegeler Créme Settings
You can view the picture at the top of the page to look at the layout and settings of the Tegeler Créme.
Settings *
If you would like us to process settings that we think are apropriate for your audio, please let us know below. You can also choose to select your own custom settings.
This is the amount the low frequency will be boosted.
This is the low frequency you wish to have boosted. Select "None" if you do not wish to have a low frequency boosted.
This is the high frequency you wish to have boosted. Select "None" if you do not wish to have a high frequency boosted.
This is the amount the high frequency will be boosted.
This is the side chain filter for the compressor.
Choose either EQ into Compression or Compression into EQ.
Select the amount of peak compression you want. This will be at the loudest part of the track or mix.
Choose the attack for the compressor.
Choose the release setting for the compressor
Choose the ratio for the compressor.
I Understand and Agree with the Following: *