Warranty & Returns


All Tornado House Pedals carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty (for as long as we are in business) for any problem related to the function or operation of that pedal due to faulty parts and/or other internal problem. We do not cover things such as broken knobs, pots and jacks due to misuse or abuse. If your pedal does have a problem outside of our warranty, we would be glad to fix it for a small fee.  All of our pedals are inspecting and photographed before they are shipped. Any tampering or do it yourself fixing from anyone outside of the Tornado House Pedals staff voids the warranty. 


Any pedals purchased from Tornado House Pedals can be returned for refund under the circumstances that you return the item with original packaging, in perfect mechanical, functional, and cosmetic condition and within 48 hours of receiving the pedal.  Upon receiving the returned item, we will inspect and test the item to verify it is in “new” condition, and in perfect working order.  Upon passing inspection, we will issue a refund or contact you with any questions/concerns.

Tornado House Pedals retains the right to charge a re-stocking fee on returned Items that were shipped back to us within 48 hours of receiving the item that were found to be in less than new condition either functionally, mechanically, or cosmetically.  Any pedals received and kept for more than 48 hours are automatically deemed non-refundable and will not be accepted for return even if found to be in “new” condition and perfect working order.

Test Drive Returns

Any pedals sent out for a Test Drive are treated as any purchased pedal. While we hope you like the pedal and decide to keep it, we know some may not like it and some may use it for one off gigs such as recording or a live show. If the pedal is returned, it will be treated the same as a typical return outlined above. If it does not pass inspection, Tornado House Pedals retains the right to charge a re-stocking fee.