Tornado House Pedals Test Drive

Not sure if you want to purchase one of our pedals but want to try it out with your gear? Give it a test drive!

How it works

Test driving a pedal is simple. Pay $20 (free shipping, non-refundable), get the pedal and play with it for a week, and keep it if you like or send it back if you don't. Outside of the $20 test drive fee, there's no financial commitment. If you don't like the pedal, simply send it back and we won't charge you. If you like the pedal, just keep it and we will charge you after the rental period (amount charged will be the total pedal cost including shipping minus $20). 

Arrival Time For Your Pedal Test Drive Is Currently 2-4 Weeks.

Read Our Warranty & Returns Policy Here.

Pick Your pedal to test drive