Terms of Service

1. By signing up and creating an account, you agree to all Terms of Service listed on this page. The Terms and Service may change at any point and you agree to accept any changes and updates without being notified of their change/update.

2. By creating a free or paid account, you give permission to MMG and MMC to email you at the email provided with information pertaining to your account, MMC, or MMG.

3. My Mix Critique “MMC” in association with Merit Music Group, LLC “MMG” reserves the right to deny a sign up request and/or terminate someone’s account at anytime for any reason.

4. By submitting your mixes to our site, you agree that you have full permission from the artist, songwriters, or anyone else who might claim ownership of the song. You also agree that MMG and MMC have the right to publish the song on mertimusicgroup.com, mymixcritique.com, or any other site, “Sites”, associated with these companies. You also agree that MMG and MMC may choose to not publish a song you submit for any reason and/or take a song off of their sites at anytime for any reason. You also agree to not hold MMG or MMC accountable for any music or lyric leak associated with the content you provide us.

5. You, as a listener or mixer, have no rights to anything associated with MMG or MMC or the music or content it publishes. You agree to NEVER pull any music or content from our sites for any use what so ever.

6. You agree you will for no reason at anytime hold MMG or MMC accountable for any music, content, comment, share, like, or anything else on our Sites. MMC is a hosting service and its users are solely liable for material that they upload to MMC.

7. You understand that all comments, music, artists, shares, and anything submitted to us from any 3rd party source including you as a mixer are not associated with MMG or MMC and we take no responsibility or ownership of any of it.

8. You agree and give permission to anyone who visits our Sites the ability to listen to, comment on, and share any content you submit to MMG and MMC.

9. Through MMG and MMC you may have access to other websites and services. Any of these 3rd Party services and websites are separate third party services and are not under the control of MMC or MMG and have no association with them.

10. MMC and MMG reserve the right to remove any services at anytime for any reason without notice.

11. You agree that if your use of our services results in damage to MMG or MMC you will claim full responsibility for it.

12. You agree that any information you provide with us may be used by MMC or MMC or any Site or 3rd Party that is associated with MMC or MMG.

13. You at anytime for any reason can terminate your account with MMG and MMC by emailing us at mymixcritique@gmail.com. You understand that it may take up to 2 weeks for your account to be fully deactivated and deleted.

14. MMC and MMG reserve the right to give this agreement and service, including all of its published and unpublished content, to another Party at anytime for any reason.

15. While we will do our best to give Mix Credits for all critiques, a critique must at least give 2 helpful suggestions to the mixer about making the mix better for MMG and MMC to give the user a Mix Credit. MMC and MMG reserve the right to not give a Mix Credit to a user for a critique for any reason at anytime.

16. By Signing up for the Pro Account, you give MMC and MMG the right to use any payment information you provide to charge you the $9.99 monthly payment which will be charged on the day you purchase the Pro Account as well as every following 1st of each month. All payments are final and no returns or refunds will be given once a payment as been made.

17. To terminate a Pro Account and to stop all automatic payments, you must email us at mymixcritique.com by the 15th of a month to stop payments for the following months.

18. We will do our best to make sure that your mix receives a minimum of 3 critiques for Free Account users and 5 critiques for Pro Account Users. However, (1) if your mix has not received its minimum critique amount to be unpublished after it has been published in a Listening Room for 30 days and (2) another mix has set in the queue to be published in that Listening Room for 30 days or more, your mix may be unpublished from that Listening Room before it has reach its critique minimum. If your mix has no critiques on it when it is unpublished, it will go back in the queue to be republished and put in order with the others as if it was submitted on the day it was unpublished. If your mix has at least 1 critique when it is unpublished, the mix and critique(s) will be moved to your User Account and not placed back in the queue. If you may resubmit this mix at anytime as long as you have enough Mix Credits to do so.

19. If you do not agree to any of the provisions set out in those documents, you should not use the our Sites any of the Services. By accessing or using the our Services, Signing Up for an account, or by viewing, accessing, streaming, uploading or downloading any information or content from or to our Sites you represent and warrant that you have read and understood the Terms of Service, will abide by them, and that you are either 18 years of age or more, or the applicable age of majority in your jurisdiction, or if you are under 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction, you are 16 years of age or more if you reside in the European Union or 13 years of age or more if you reside in the United States or anywhere else.