Earn Mix Credits

Mix Credits: You earn Mix Credits by successfully critiquing (see Critique Mixes) mixes. You earn 1 Mix Credit per successful critique. Mixes are monitored every 48 hours, so Mix Credits typically show up in your account within 48 hours of your submitted critique. For a Free Account, you must have at least 3 Mix Credits to submit one of your own mixes to be critiqued. Once you submit a mix, 3 of your Mix Credits (1 if you have Pro Account) will be deducted from your Mix Credits within 48 hours.


Free Account

  • 3 Mix Credits to Submit a Mix

  • 3 Mix Critiques on Your Mixes

  • 5 Mix Submissions per month

  • Free


  • 1 Mix Credit to Submit a Mix

  • 5 Mix Critiques on Your Mixes

  • 10 Mix Submissions per month

  • 2 Detailed Mix Critiques per month (See Example HERE)

  • Submission Publishing Priority (over Free Account users)

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Access to Session Files to Mix

  • Monthly Mix Competitions

  • 10% Off All Other Services

  • $9.99 plus tax per month