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My name is Joshua Keaton and I am a freshman at Concord University. I'm a singer, musician, song writer, a country boy at heart, a friend, a caregiver, a son, a brother, and a child. I can describe myself to be many things, but above all of those things, I am a Christian. Without putting Jesus first in my life, I have nothing, and I am nothing. Jesus speaks to people through many mysterious ways. Some with a voice, some with dreams, but to me He speaks through music. Every lyric that I write comes from Jesus, because if I try to make music out of myself, I'm no better than any other musician singing for the fame of the world. I could be like other people and show off my talents every time I get the chance. I could brag about myself and blow up my head with confidence and arrogance, as I've seen others do several times before. But, my focus isn't whether or not people know how good I can sing or play an instrument. Every breath that I breathe, every word that slips off of my tongue, I want to use it to tell someone else about Jesus. That's who I am now, and that's who I will always be! - Josh